McCormick Tractors

X7 Range 143 -212 hp

The X7 Series is a completely new range of tractors with the product goals set to achieve greater performance through enhanced operator comfort and convenience as well as longer service life and industry leading reliability. 

Externally the new styling shows off the tractors sleek appearance and one’s attention is quickly drawn to the wider more spacious cab. Operator comfort and control layout is completely overhauled with no carry over from previous families.

Some key points are:

► New transmission and shift control programmes

► New hydraulic system and remote valves

► Luxury seating and arm rest controls

► New digital air conditioning system

► Hydraulic cab and front axle suspension option 

Two ranges will be available, both feature FPT BetaPower diesel engines with SCR technology to meet emission requirements.  This power unit is well proven and offers excellent torque reserve, trouble free operation and fuel efficiency. Four cylinder units have a structural block while six cylinder units retain the proven chassis frame concept. The new designed cooling pack provides outstanding access to the radiator, charge cooler and A/C condenser for easy cleaning in dry dusty conditions.

X60 Range 92-121hp

Developed as an evolution of the McCormick CX range, the new X60 series is designed to be even more powerful and reliable than its predecessor.


Offered in the X60.20, X60.30, X60.40 and X60.50 (T3) models, this new tractor range provides increased performance, greater versatility and reduced operating costs. Compared to the CX range, the X60 series introduces two new engine ratings that further expand the tractor power range. In particular, the X60.50 model is powered by a new Perkins Tier 3 112-hp, 4-cylinder turbo-aftercooled engine with electronic common-rail injection system and Power Management. The Power Management system is designed to automatically boost the engine power up to 121 hp, along with the torque, when the 1000 rpm PTO is engaged or during transport over rough ground. In addition, during road transport at 40 km/h, the engine speed drops down to 1830 rpm, resulting in lower noise and improved fuel economy.


Major innovations include a new Argo Tractors manufactured transmission that provides a three speed powershift giving 36 forward and 12 reverse speeds. A creep speed transmission can also be factory fitted as an option to achieve 48 forward and 16 reverse speeds for specialised applications. The electronically-controlled hydraulic power shuttle now features a (Shuttle Modulation Control), which allows the operator to fine tune the responsiveness of the clutch and power shuttle to suit the operating conditions and the implement being used.  This makes the tractor easier to operate and helps prolong the life of the equipment.


The X60 range also features a new front axle which incorporates wet disc brakes for added braking capacity and safety on slopes as well as a 100% locking differential for maximum traction in tough slippery conditions.


Other features of the X60 range include the possibility to fit up to five remote valves and a more powerful rear hitch that provides a maximum lift capacity of 5000 kg.  The Lower link draft sensing ensures accurate implement control and the system incorporates a transport anti bounce control as standard. At the rear a variety of trailer hitches are available including a Telescopic Auto Hitch for ease of operation. 

X50 Range 88-113hp

The X50 models are powered by a Perkins new generation engine using the latest technology to meet emission requirements.Two versions are available in the following configuration X50 Mechanical & X50 Powershuttle

The model line up includes;


► X50.20  88hp (95hp boosted)

► X50.30  95hp (102hp boosted)

► X50.40  105hp (113hp boosted)

► X50.50  113hp (No boost)

The McCormick C-Max (T3), equipped with either cab or platform, adds a new level of economic functionality to the McCormick line.


With power ranging between 74 and 102 hp, these new four models place themselves just one step below the “CX” series, offering all the features required for this kind of tractors, but with a simpler, economy-driven design in comparison to the McCormick “CX” Series.


Powered by the new, reliable 1104D Series Perkins Tier 3 engines - including two turbo aftercooled models - to match the rugged tractor design, the McCormick “C-Max” range combines excellent performance with maximum reliability.


The key features of the range include a mechanical-controlled transmission with reverse power shuttle, powerful hydraulics for operating a mechanical hitch with a high lift capacity and 100% differential locks.

With either a platform or high-visibility cab, a fully adjustable sprung seat, ergonomically arranged controls and easy-to-read analog instruments, the “C-Max” range allows the operator to work with maximum comfort.

CMax Range 74-102 hp
GM Range 35-54 hp

The McCormick GM series is a range of ultra-compact super specialised tractors with powers below 60 HP.

Strong points of this series are the plunging line of the hood, the wrap-around design of the rear mudguard and the folding two-post ROPS.


Its agility and excellent manoeuvrability make this tractor ideal for use in vineyards and orchards, nurseries and glasshouses as well as for the maintenance of green areas and municipalities.

The GM is equipped with facility for mounting a front power lift and PTO for added versatility.

X10 Range 22-55 hp

The McCormick range of X10 compact tractors are designed for a wide range of applications such as horticultural tasks, amenities and landscaping/ grounds maintenance and general day to day chores.


On the farm they will handle tasks such as yard scraping, cubicle clearing and general cultivation or grassland mowing and baling operations. 


The choice of models and specification make them an ideal candidate and a variety of attachments can be supplied including loaders and mower decks.